Dundalk St. Gerard's Athletic Club Registration

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Annual Registration

Click here to see the Annual Registration Form

The above Registration form needs to be filled out for each person joining Dundalk St Gerard's AC. It needs to be returned with a copy of a birth certificate or passport unless previously registered with Dundalk St. Gerard's AC.

Athletes are welcome to join the club once they have reached the age of 6.

The Registration Fees are as follows:

Should you be interested in taking part in Competitions you will need a Club Singlet. These are available from the Club at a cost. Please contact the club for details.

The Duration of Membership is one calendar year lasting from the 1st January to 31st December. The membership fee includes insurance costs for training and competition. Costs of training are detailed in the Training section
A two week introduction period is in operation. If a person wants to join, they can participate in the training for two weeks without registering with the club. After this introductory period the person will be required to register with the club to participate in further training sessions.

Club Transfers

Click here to see the Club Transfer Form

Please review the transfer process below for any Athlete wishing to transfer in/out of Dundalk St. Gerard's AC.

Click here to see the Club Transfer Process